Isn't she gorgeous?
This is Kyrie Eleison (pronounced /ˈki.ri.e eˈlei̯.son/).

My name is Pavel Adámek.

Never heard of a name like that? It’s because I’m not from here. And by here, I mean the States. I am from this world… Czech Republic, for exact coordinates.

Why am I here--in the States? Well, it started out as for my love for Jesus--venturing out across the ocean to Chicago to study Bible and Communications at Moody Bible Institute. Then I met this amazing girl and it expanded into my love for her, my now wife. And somewhere between these two loves I slowly started to fall (hard) for photography and capturing Love in image form… hence this page and this bio you are currently reading.

(oh and my wife and I also just recently had our first child… so now I am just stuck here).

(… just kidding. about being stuck).

But, yes. That is a little about me. And my job--my passion is to get to know a little about you, your love, and to help you always remember it. I am a photographer, and being able to capture Love is not only a passion, but a mission.

“To see is to believe” is a well known (although limited) cultural idiom. And, indeed, to see Love--well, that is a key step to helping us believe in it. To capture it in an image--a step to helping us always remember it. And if our eyes should ever fail us, and our minds to ever grow tired,

"Faith is to believe what you do not see;
the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."
-- St. Augustine


… and this faith is the step that keeps me moving as a photographer: to capture, to see, to find Love in the midst of a world that fairly often forgets it is True.

AKA: Let me shoot your wedding.

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